Looking for high tech ways to secure your home? You have plenty of options, and here are some of the best home security brands available today.

Each man’s (and woman’s) home is his castle, so it’s perfectly natural to want to defend that home from intruders and other dangers. Home is where you’re supposed to feel safe, and where you want your family protected and your belongings secure. Nowadays just locking your door may not be adequate, so it’s a good thing that the top home security systems today are priced well within the means of most families. It’s not just for the celebrities anymore.

Today, you have more option than ever before. Many home security systems are wireless, with sensors and detectors to watch over certain areas in your home. Many can give you alerts when an intruder is detected, even if you’re in the workplace. Some can warn of potential intruders from far off, while you even have home defenses that reinforce your door to keep the bad guys out.

Here are some security systems that are worthy of your attention. Some of these systems even complement each other, so getting more than one system gives you the ideal protection for your home.


Brinks Home Security

With Brinks, the point of security is to alert you as quickly as possible whenever someone breaks into your home. This is why their standard package consists mainly of door/window sensors. These will send an alert to your smartphone if someone opens the door to get in while you’re away from home.

What sets Brinks apart is how quickly they send out the alarm once a sensor detects an intrusion. With most of the other home security systems, you will probably get the alarm about 5 minutes after the system first detects the intruder. But with Brinks, you’ll get that alert in just 30 seconds.

Like other first-rate home security systems, this works with your smartphone. You get an app that gives you the alerts and lets you adjust the settings of your security system. If you get the security package with the video option, then you can watch recorded videos or live streams of what’s happening in your home.

The system boasts of having a cellular backup, which can send you an alarm even if your home power or Internet is ever disrupted. Your control panel also has tamper protection, so burglars can’t just mess with it.

This control panel is the central hub of the system, and it can handle up to 119 devices scattered all over your home. In fact, it can be your smart home control hub, as the system can incorporate light dimmers, smart switches, and other smart home devices.

One of the more notable features of Brinks is that it’s fairly easy to install. You don’t need great DIY expertise either. If you can handle hanging a picture on your wall, then you’re able enough to deal with the installation. If even that degree of skill is beyond you though, you can still opt for professional installation.

It’s also easy to use as well. The overall simplicity is actually a relief especially for those who don’t really care much for complicated features and procedures.

The cost of the system is reasonable and downright affordable when you can pay just a few dollars each month for the hardware. On the other hand, you will need a monitoring contract that will last 3 years. This may be a rather common requirement for monitoring service in the home security industry, but it’s certainly irritating.

Protect America Home Security

This is another home security brand that requires a monitoring service for 3 years. Their main shields against intruders are door and window sensors that alert you when they open. But you’re also able to add motion detectors and live video surveillance to make sure that no one’s getting into your home without you knowing about it. They also offer smart locks that you can control from your smartphone.

Protect America also provides security against certain environmental hazards. That’s why they offer smoke detectors, and even a firefighter sensor that also sends an alert to the fire department when the smoke detector alarms goes off. You have CO detectors and flood detectors too, as well as an emergency button that calls for medical assistance. 

If you’re looking to save on expenses, Protect America also protects your wallet. There are no upfront costs and only monthly payments. Still, that pesky 3-year contract will have to be endured.

Front Point Home Security

Again we have the 3-year monitoring contract to deal with if you sign up with Front Point.  But then again you get a lot of services that are worth your money and time. Unlike other monitoring services, with Front Point the monitor center also watches out for fire and flood hazards when you have smoke and flood detectors installed in your system.

Front Point tries to set up a system that fits your home circumstances and needs as perfectly as possible. That’s why you have as many as 5 different home security packages to choose from, along with 3 different monitoring plans. What’s more, these security packages can be customized to fit your needs as you can add additional sensors and detectors to suit your preferences.

Since most people would prefer the security system to be simple Front Point also obliges in this point. You have video tutorials to help you out, along with 24/7 customer support with people to help you with the installation. With the free app that comes with the system, you also get a setup wizard. The gadgets also come with preprogrammed settings so they’re basically good to go right out of the box.

ADT Home Security

Yes, let’s admit that you also have the 3-year contract to contend with when you go with ADT. But you may not mind all that much, since ADT also offers a lot of gadgets which you can rely on. Their Video package comes with a smartphone app to control the system, which includes indoor and outdoor cameras.

Some of the gadgets are rather clever, like the glass break sensors that detect the sound of breaking window glass. That’s a potential way for burglars to break into your home, and now you’re always notified if glass breaks inside your house.

Other components include motion sensors, entry sensors that tell you when your doors and windows are opened and closed, security cameras for indoors and outdoors, and an electronic deadbolt that you can control with your app. You’re also able to include smoke and CO detectors for your home security system.

You can try this out as you have 6 long months to see if it fits your needs. If the system isn’t to your liking, then you get your money back. For many, however, it is money well spent as each electronic gadget in your system works reliably.

iSmartSafe Home Security

Now if you’re starting to get really annoyed with the continuous requirements for 3-year contracts, you can calm down with iSmartSafe Home Security. The gadgets you get aren’t saddled with required monthly payments at all. You also get to choose from different packages so that you’re sure your security needs are met precisely.

If you’re just starting out, then the Basic package may be a nice place to begin. It’s extremely affordable, and you get 2 door sensors and a motion detector. If the notice something wrong, you get an alert on your phone. You also get 2 keychain remotes to deactivate the alarm easily, and of course you have the iSmartSafe stickers that tend to encourage burglars to go elsewhere.

The more advanced packages come with more sensors, including sirens to scare burglars and smoke and water leak detectors. You can also get indoor and outdoor cameras with 1080p resolution, night vision, and 2-way audio. Your system may also benefit with a video doorbell, so you can find out who’s at your door even when you’re in the workplace. If it’s a friend you want to let in, you can talk with them and then remotely open the door to welcome your guest.

If you don’t care for professional monitoring (and you’re not alone with this attitude), then this is ideal for you.

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse isn’t limited to just home security. They’re not really a gadget seller at all. They’re basically a security company, and they offer security systems for enterprises as well. They have security people who know about security weaknesses, and their mission is to eliminate those weaknesses entirely.

The whole range of gadgets available from BrickHouse is an absolute marvel. These guys can help secure your Internet system, and they even sell counter-surveillance devices! The packages you can choose from can include infrared motion sensors, night vision cameras, and sensors for smoke, CO, heat, flood, and freeze. There are glass break detectors, along with tilt detectors too.

Interestingly, the packages here are designed for very specific circumstances. There’s a security package for an apartment, as well as for homes rented out on Airbnb. You have packages that cater to the specific needs of pet owners, or simply for those who just want to make sure that they’re protected against home fires.

The reliability of the devices isn’t in question as well, as they mostly come with a lifetime warranty. Many of the packages come with image sensors, so you can quickly get a picture of what’s happening and who has broken into your home.

Guardline Home Security

When you live in the country, you’re often able to buy large tracts of land that aren’t affordable in the city. But how can you secure such a property? Intruders can come in without you noticing, and wild animals may also get in and cause trouble. If this is your problem, Guardline has the solution.

Guardline sells motion detectors that act like tripwires around your property. Some of these detectors can be set up a quarter of a mile from your home where the control panel is installed. That means you can be alerted of animals or people coming into your property way before they even get to your door. The communications between your sensors and control panel are reliable, even with walls and trees in between the two components.

Each of these detectors has a range of 40 feet, and you can buy 16 detectors to work with a single control panel. You can always buy another control panel and more detectors when you need them.

You’ll hear a loud alarm whenever there’s an intruder, though you can adjust this alarm. You even can set a different alarm for different detectors, so you know precisely where the intruder broke into your property.

If you’re worried about cars getting in, then you can also get metal detectors from Guardline. Some of these detectors can be set up 4 miles from your home.

Armor Concept

When is a door not a door? When it doesn’t keep intruders and burglars away. The problem with doors is that they’re not as tough as you might think. Sometimes burglars just kick the door in, and they can get inside your home because your doors use weak wood or have flimsy hinges.

Armor Concept doesn’t sell doors. Their business is to reinforce those doors you already have. They secure all the weak points of your doors with their simple gadgets, which you can easily install.

These are so effective that Armor Concept doesn’t just offer a lifetime warranty. They even offer a $500 guarantee, which they will pay towards your homeowner’s insurance deductible. They’ll pay up if you use their products and an intruder manages to kick in your doors.

These devices work well with existing security systems. They’re great if you own property, as you can keep the vandals out. If you’re an apartment landlord, you can also help protect your tenants by using these devices on your front door and your unit doors. With Armor Concepts, no way can these intruders kick in your doors again.