BrickHouse offers the widest range of security gadgets and packages in the industry. It’s a real security company, and not just a gadget seller.

Compared to other brands in the home security industry, BrickHouse Security is actually rather new. It’s only been around since 2005. Yet in just a short period of time BrickHouse has managed to build a sterling reputation in home security.

Part of the reason for the high regard that many consumers have for the brand is that the company isn’t merely a maker and seller of home security gadgets and systems. It’s actually a licensed security company, and they have real security experts who know just what it will take to defend and secure a modern home these days.

Do a quick check into what BrickHouse offers and you’ll be amazed at the wide range of security gadgets and fields that the brand is involved in. They have so many advanced gadgets that there are even spy gear and emergency survival gear in their catalog. If you’re looking for items that other home security brands don’t offer, you’ve come to the right seller.

Some of the solutions they offer may not be suitable for home security purposes, such as cyber security. BrickHouse even offers counter-surveillance tools. These may be too sophisticated for regular use.

Instead, here are some items they offer which you may find useful:


Security Cameras

These are one of the essentials of home security these days, and here you have your various types to choose from. There are outdoor cameras suited for the weather, along with discreet hidden indoor cameras to make sure that your babysitter is behaving and no one’s entering your bedroom. Special features include zoom, pan, night vision, and 2-way talk.

BrickHouse Alert

This is a portable emergency call button that lets people call for help whenever and wherever they are. The signal sent by pushing the button goes to a 24/7 call center, which can then send for either emergency contacts or response teams. These devices are quite durable and water-resistant too. Some even have GPS.

GPS Trackers

This works for personal safety and the safety of your family when you want to keep track of them through GPS. This works very well with young children and elder relatives, so you will always know where they are. You can track your company vehicles as well, or your family’s vehicles.

Home Security Systems

BrickHouse offers the MORzA home security systems, and they can be configured to suit specific circumstances. You have a system for an apartment, for Airbnb, or just for environmental hazards.

You can start with the MORzA Custom plan, which starts with their touchscreen control panel. This costs $359.97, and it requires a 3-year monitoring contract. It’s actually possible to shorten the service agreement period, but then the hardware will cost more.

The most expensive is the MORzA Complete Package, which costs $1179.82. This gives you a very long list of devices, including:

  • 1 MORzA powered by Touch Screen Control Panel
  • 1 Secure Cellular Communicator
  • 3 Wireless Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor
  • 1 Glass Break Detector
  • 1 Tilt Sensor
  • 1 Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor
  • 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • 1 Flood/Freeze Sensor
  • 1 Image Sensor
  • 1 Wi-Fi Night Vision Camera

This will require a video monitoring plan, which will cost about $50 a month. Again there’s a 3-year contract, and a shorter contract period will lead to a higher hardware cost.

MORzA Apartment

You may not have the need (or the budget) for the Complete Plan, but this Apartment option works well if you’re renting an apartment unit. The hardware costs about $500, and your money gets you the touchscreen control panel, a secure wireless door/window sensor, and an image sensor.

You can then set the door sensor which will note if the door opens during a break-in. The control panel sends you an alert through email or text, while it also alerts the monitoring center. The image sensor is activated by the motions and takes a photo to identify the intruder. All the photos taken are saved in a secure cloud-based server.

MORzA Airbnb

This is probably the first home security system that specifically designed for vacation rental homes. It’s a tricky situation, because you want to secure your property and also offer added protection for your guests. At the same time, you don’t want the guests to feel watched.

This package comes with 2 door/window contact sensors, a CO detector, a detector for smoke, heat, and freeze, and another sensor for flood and freeze. These sensors can offer a greater sense of protection for your guests.

There’s also a smart lock. This and your door sensor can take note of how many times a door opens and closes, so if it does too frequently there may be an unauthorized party going on. Your smart lock may also secure some rooms in which your guests aren’t allowed.

This will require a $40 monitoring plan, and you will need a 3-year contract. This means you get the hardware at a discounted price of $849.91. If you opt for a shorter contract, the hardware cost goes up.

MORzA Pet Control

This package gives you the touchscreen control panel and the secure cellular communicator, along with the sensors for CO, flood/freeze, and smoke/heat/freeze. The environmental sensors make sure that the air quality and the temperature in your home is always suitable for your pets. Any extreme change in the environment will send an alert to your phone so you can fix any problem.

It also comes with the PYZ camera that you can actually control with your smartphone or tablet. You can pan, tilt, and zoom. A live video feed is available as well, so you can always check on your pet at home even while you’re in the workplace.

This will cost you $869.93, and that’s the discounted price. You’re also required to get the $50 per month monitoring service for 3 years. A shorter period for the monitoring contract will result in even higher hardware prices.

MORzA Fire

As the name of the package indicates, this alerts you in case of a home fire. But this uses a smoke/heat/freeze sensor which makes it more versatile. It can alert you if the temperature drops radically as well, and you’ll know if your pipes have burst.

This still alerts you to any attempt of burglars to get in, since the package includes 3 sensors for doors and windows. You also get a wireless infrared motion detector. If a door or window is opened unexpectedly or someone is prowling inside your home, an alarm will sound, and an alert will be sent to you and to the monitoring center.

You will need a 3-year contract for the monitoring service, which will cost about $40 a month. The upfront cost of the package is also $599.92 and that goes up if you insist on a shorter monitoring service contract period.


It’s not difficult to pinpoint the many advantages you receive when you get your home security gadgets with BrickHouse Security:

Wide Variety of Gadgets Available

It’s like everything that’s even remotely connected to home security is available here. You have hidden indoor cameras that look like plants, and there are even counter-surveillance devices. If you’re a spy, you may be a constant customer.

Designed for Specific Scenarios

BrickHouse is also famous for setting up packages for specific circumstances. Do you have pets, or are you getting older and you need medical backup in a hurry? Whatever your case may be, you have a certain grouping of gadgets that will perfectly suit your needs. There are even packages for Airbnb hosts and for pet owners.

Terrific Warranty

The devices you get with the monitoring plans all come with a lifetime warranty, while you still have a 90-day warranty on the other gadgets.

Lifetime Technical Support

If you have a question or you need help, BrickHouse will provide assistance if you bought the gadgets through them. It doesn’t even matter if it has a different brand, as long as BrickHouse is your seller.


It obviously comes with certain drawbacks, and here are the most notable:

High Initial Upfront Costs

The prices for the gadgets and the packages can be rather exorbitant. There’s no denying this. What’s really annoying is that if you check around other seller websites for the same devices, you’ll find lower prices.

Long Monitoring Period

It’s also rather hard to accept a 3-year period for the monitoring service, as you’ll have to pay for the balance if you cancel the contract. While it’s nice that you have the option to shorten the contract, you still pay for that with higher upfront costs.


Yes, overall BrickHouse is an expensive option. But if you’re looking for a wide range of gadgets for home security, you now need to turn only to a single seller. Basically, if you need something to secure your home, BrickHouse is selling it. You may even find gadgets you never even imagined existed, but once you learn of them you can’t help but want to try them out.

BrickHouse is your option if you want home security that perfectly suits your needs. Whatever your circumstances are, BrickHouse will have the home security package that just matches your situation.