Who says home security systems are complicated? Front Point demonstrates that home security can be simple and easy to use.

With newbies the choice of home security systems can be rather confusing and complicated. There are too many technical details, and some of the systems are complicated to install and use. But that’s the point of Front Point Security System. It calls itself the “simplest” system, which should be a relief for newcomers to these types of devices.



If you’re interested, you can start with a free quote on the cost of system that will best suit your home and needs. You can answer a few questions about your home, and then Front Point will recommend a package for you. You can choose among 5 prepared packages of various components and devices, but you can tweak the details so the entire package perfectly matches your need. 

The setup is easy because just about everything has been preprogrammed. Everything’s been configured already and each device is ready to use. There’s no need to drill or wire anything, and there’s no manual programming either.

There’s an app you can download and use as well. This lets you use your smartphone to set up schedules and view security videos.

  • You can just plug the hub right out of the box. It will automatically find your home’s network.
  • The touchpads (which are optional) are easy to mount as well. You can just peel and then stick it right outside the door. There are no wires or nails needed. Of course, this is in fact a backup system, since you can control the system with a smartphone anyway.
  • You can also peel and mount the various sensors. That’s all you need to do, since they’re already configured to pair and connect to the Frontpoint hub.
  • Attach the doorbell camera and the plug it in, log on to the app. You’ll get instructions on what to do.
  • Screw in a smart light bulb, and then you can use the app to connect your security system to it.


The packages start with a couple of sub-$100 Safe Home options, and you have more comprehensive options that cost more.

  • Safe Home Everyday ($99). This comes with the hub and keypad, 3 door sensors, 2 glass-break sensors, a yard sign, 5 window decals, and a door sticker.
  • Safe Home Plus ($99). The basic setup is the same as with Everyday, though this one is more for pet owners.
  • Safe Home Select ($251.90). This comes with professional monitoring for intruders. You also get an extra door sensor, along with 2 motion sensors and a smoke and heat sensor.
  • Safe Home Preferred ($384.88). You get professional monitoring, plus another extra door sensor (compared to the Select plan), and an indoor camera.
  • Safe Home Elite ($882.85). This comes with the complete suite of products, and you have a doorbell camera as well.

Monitoring Plans

Each plan requires a 3-year contract, and you have 3 plans to choose from. The Protection Plan costs $35 a month, the Interactive Plan $45, and the Ultimate Plan is $50.

The Ultimate Plan includes the following features:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring. This is the basic feature that just about every home security system offers. You have an alarm monitoring system that can deal with an alarm at any time. The monitoring system can even deal with fires, floods, and burst pipes in your home.
  • 100% Wireless & Cellular. This means there are no landlines that can be cut by home intruders.
  • Automated System Check. How do you know the system is working? This automated system check makes that it does.
  • Expandable and Portable. If you want to add other smart devices and security gadgets to the system, you can. You don’t even have to go with exclusively Front Point products. You can also easily disassemble the system and set it up in a new home, which is convenient if you live in an apartment.
  • Crash & Smash Protection. If someone smashes or tries to unplug the system, it continues to work. It also sends an alarm to the monitoring center.
  • Geo-Location Services. Security devices can be programmed depending on where you are, based on the location of your smartphone.
  • Mobile Alert and Notifications via Email and Text. With multiple types of alert, you should get the message when there’s a security alarm.
  • Remote Access and Control. This is through the app on your smartphone.
  • Sensor History. You get a record of what your sensors detect over time.
  • Live Video Streaming. You can check out what’s currently happening in your home. It’s especially convenient if you get an alarm or if you have a video doorbell as part of your system.
  • Video and Image History. You can save all your videos and images, just in case you need them for a legal case.
  • Motion Triggered Alerts. If there’s movement around your home or inside a bedroom when there aren’t supposed to be anyone, you can get an alert.
  • Night Vision Enabled. Even at night you can get clear video so you may identify anyone lurking around your home.
  • Light Control. You can set up your lights to work with your security system, so that your home can be well lit. This does tend to discourage would-be burglars.
  • Smart Lock Control. Your smart locks can also be controlled through your smartphone. So if you have a friend dropping by your home, you can open your house to them remotely.

As this plan is only $15 more than the cheapest plan, the Ultimate Plan is your best option. You get more features and services. In fact, for some packages the Ultimate plan is required.

The Mobile App

Not every app is as good as another, and it’s safe to say that not all the home security apps are as good as the Front Point Security app.

  • The navigational system is efficient, so you can just tap an icon to get to your security arming options.
  • Whenever your system is disarmed, you get notified. In fact, you can get alerts for various events. This means that you know every time someone enters or leaves your home. With the sensors, you can also get an alert if someone opens a medicine cabinet or leaves a back door open.
  • You’re also informed regarding the levels of CO, water, temperature, and smoke in your home.
  • You also get an alert when your system isn’t disarmed as it’s supposed to. If your teenager kid is supposed to be at home by 5PM at the latest and so for the security system hasn’t been disarmed to let your kid in, you’ll get an alert.
  • The geolocation services are great too. When you drive away from your home, the security system can automatically lock down and activate the sensors and cameras. When you get home, your lights can automatically turn on to illuminate your path to your door.

The Camera Features

This isn’t really your basic security camera. It has special features that you may not find in other systems:

  • You have 2-way talk, so if you see someone with your camera you can talk to them and they can talk to you.
  • The videos you record are in full HD. You also have infrared night vision and long-range capability too.
  • You can zoom in on your videos, or even on your live streams.
  • The cameras can record videos only of important events, like when people enter or leave your home, or if someone has entered your bedroom.

Pros of Frontpoint

  • Easy installation. There’s no option for professional installation because it really is that easy. You can consult with the customer service people, or watch video tutorials. There’s a setup wizard on your smartphone. With preprogrammed settings, it’s a cinch.
  • No landline required. It sends cellular alerts and the system is wireless.
  • Terrific customer service. It’s always on standby for 24/7 assistance for any issue regarding security or your devices.
  • Additional monitoring. The monitoring center also watches out for floods and fires, and even for CO leaks.
  • Energy savings. This can let you automate your home lighting and HVAC systems.

Cons of Frontpoint

  • No landline option. It’s easy to say that everyone has a smartphone, but what if yours is being repaired? A landline option would have made a nice backup.
  • The prices are a bit on the high side. This can get up to $800 plus, and a credit check may raise the prices even more.
  • 3-year contract. It’s very constraining, though such contracts are very common in the industry. But if an even more terrific option becomes available next year, you still have 2 years to wait, unless you can afford to cover the balance of the contract.
  • Potential setup complications. The setup is easy—if you’re only dealing with Frontpoint gadgets. But integrating devices from other brands (especially for HVAC systems) may not be simple at all. A professional setup option would have been nice.


If you want a simple solution, then Frontpoint offers one for home security. Simplicity here means easy for you to install and use, even while the features can be advanced. Bit these advanced technologies do come at a cost.

Try it with the 30-day trial period first. If it suits your needs, then Frontpoint is a handy system to have to protect your home.