Are you looking for a home security setup for the long haul? You can get security essentials from Protect America, with options for more advanced upgrades. 

More and more people are increasingly aware of the dangers of home intruders, and this explains the boon in the sale of home security systems. It helps that there are plenty of choices in the home security industry, and Protect America is one of the leading brands. They’ve been around for at least 25 years now, and over time they’ve managed to acquire an enviable reputation for effectiveness and affordability.



You have 3 packages to choose from and then you can pick a monitoring plan as well. It all depends on how many doors and windows you want to secure.

  • Copper. This plan comes with the standard control panel, with 3 door sensors (can be used for windows) and a motion detector. You also get a yard sign and 4 door and window stickers to deter burglars. These are the essentials, and there are no upfront costs.

You do have to pay for the monitoring service. The landline plan costs $20 a month, while the broadband and the cellular plan cost $42 a month. Both the broadband and the cellular come with home automation features.

  • Silver. The plan components are almost the same as with Copper. The main difference is that this plan gives you 9 door and window sensors. The landline monitoring option costs $38 a month, with broadband and cellular going for $50 a month.
  • Platinum. This time you get up to 14 door and window sensors. Landline monitoring costs $43 a month, with broadband and cellular $55 a month.

You can also upgrade and customize these plans with additional features. These include HD video service, control over the smart door lock and the garage door, working with smart lighting, and monitoring for fire and smoke.

Components and Features

Let’s take a closer look at the equipment you’ll get with your security plans:

Touchscreen Control Panel

Within the sleek housing of the control panel you have a large touchscreen display panel. You just tap on the icons to adjust whatever setting you want. All you need is a glance at the display to find out the system status. You’ll see if there has been any motion detected or any changes noted. It even gives you the indoor and outdoor temperature. Just press on an icon and you can also quickly disarm or arm it.

Door and Window Micro Sensors

These are undoubtedly your main defense against intruders. When you arm the home security system, it will send you an alarm when the sensors detect that a window or door has been opened.

The installation is easy enough, as the small size lets you place it in lots of possible areas. It’s also wireless and preprogrammed so it shouldn’t be complicated to install in the spot you want.

Motion Detector

Motion detectors are useful, as they can find out if there are unauthorized people lurking around your home. They can also note the presence of someone in a room, and you can be alerted when someone’s in your bedroom while you’re in the office.

Mounting this is easy as it is wireless and you can just stick it on the wall with the wall mount adhesives. The horizontal coverage is 25 feet, and it senses heat emissions to differentiate the presence of people from other objects. It doesn’t send an alarm when the presence is too small, like a pet that weighs less than 40 pounds.

Live Video Surveillance

The image quality is decent, with 720p HD clarity and 30 fps. The field of view is rather constrained though at 60 degrees. That should be good for a hallway, though it works when you place it in a corner of a room.

The wireless home security camera works in the dark, as it has 4 infrared LED lights that can illuminate a range of 16 feet. Again, that’s big enough to see inside the whole of a room.

There’s 2-way talk as well with a mic and speaker, so you can converse with the other person—or scare a burglar away.

Smoke Detector

It’s easy enough to realize the value of professional monitors for your smoke detectors. These detectors aren’t as useful when no one’s home to hear them, so the monitoring service can call 911 for you. You’re contacted as well in case of fire.

These are advanced models that use photoelectric technology. These are more sophisticated than the standard ionization detectors. These ionization alarms are slower to respond, as they may take anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes slower than the photoelectric type. In up to 1 in 4 cases, the ionization detectors won’t even send an alert in case of fire.

Firefighter Sensor

Every second counts when it comes to fighting fire, so you want firefighters as quickly as possible. This sensor reacts to the sound of a smoke detector alarm, and then sends an alert to the security control panel and to the fire department.

CO Detector

You can get a carbon monoxide detector as well, which the monitor service can keep an eye on 24/7. This works nicely in your garage.

Environmental Sensor

This detects water, along with any extreme temperature conditions. If there’s any flooding, this will alert you.

Medical Emergency Button

What if you’re not all that healthy and you have a medical emergency? Protect America offers panic devices that alert emergency services just with the push of a button. You can even wear this as a pendant so it’s with you all the time.

Smart Locks

You can control a lock with an app on your smartphone, to work along with your home security system. So if you have a kid coming home who’s forgotten the code, you can confirm they’re at your door with a security camera. Then you can just open the lock through the app.


There are plenty of good reasons why you may want to go with Protect America.

Easy Installation

Everything takes less than an hour. All gadgets have been preprogrammed, and you have 24/7 support along with informative online videos. You don’t need fancy tool for installation.

Durable Gadgets

It’s a good thing that the gadgets in your package can certainly last as long as your length contracts. The quality of the gadgets is outstanding and they’re built to last. They even offer lifetime warranty for the equipment.

Large Variety of Gadgets

You have not just cameras and sensors but options for smoke, water, and CO. You even can opt for medical alert buttons and fire department alerts.


Some people only have landline, yet they can also benefit from Protect America’s security.

Zero Upfront Costs

You only cover the monthly payments.


There are thing about the Protect America home security system that can stand some improvement.

Long 3-Year Contract

This is perhaps one of the more common reasons why some are hesitant to sign on the dotted line. Three years is a long time, and a lot of advances can be made during the period. You’re stuck it with even if you find something better in the near future.

Cancellation Payments

If you do find an alternative home security system that you want instead of Protect America, you may want to consider just paying the penalty. But that’s an expensive proposition, because you will be required to pay the whole balance. In other words, if you wish to cancel the contract after just 6 months, you’ll need to pay for the rest of the 30 months even if you don’t get the services.

Tricky Cancellation Procedures

When you sign on to the 3-year contract, you have 30 days to try it out. If you don’t like it, you can return the security system and you won’t have to pay the restocking fee. However, you still need to pay the $20 for the account activation fee.

You should check the fine print of the contract, because you may be required to notify Protect America in writing about your intention of ending the contract after the 3-year period. This may have to be done at least 60 days before the contract expires.

If you’re able to cancel the contract properly, then you’ll have the option to pay month to month without the locked-in contract. But if you forget about it, then you may find yourself locked into another 3-year contract. This automatic renewal has earned quite a lot of complaints.

Not So Good Video

It’s only 720p HD, when other cameras are already in 1080p mode. The 60-degree field of view is also rather too narrow, so you may need more cameras for larger areas.


When you factor everything in, the forced 3-year contract is the main reason why you would hesitate with Protect America. The requirements for cancellation can be annoying. But if you own your home and you’re in for the long haul, it’s not a problem. It’s easy to use and the price isn’t all bad. It offers genuine peace of mind, and it will help keep you and your home safe.