Keeping people out of your home is the first rule of home security. Armor Concepts holds to that principle by reinforcing your doors against intruders.

Sometimes home security isn’t about fancy sensors and hidden cameras. The most basic principle is to be safe in your home once you lock the door. But lots of doors are flimsy. What’s the use of a fancy video doorbell alarm or even a strong lock, when an especially string intruder can kick in your front door? Armor Concepts specializes in providing the solution to this problem.

According to the stats, about 85% of all burglar breaks happen through the door and not the windows. And the easiest way to get through that door is to just kick it in. That’s often because the door frame is constructed from soft flimsy wood. Getting inside your home is so easy that it takes only 10 seconds, and there’s even no need for tools.

Of course, you may have a home security system in place, and your system can send you and your monitoring service an alert. Even if you’re able to contact the police right away, the sad fact is that the average response time of the police is about 20 minutes. Professional burglars know this, that’s why they’re in and out in just 5 minutes.

Reinforcing these doors is the solution. Take note that Armor Concepts does not sell doors. They repair and reinforce doors instead. The reinforcements then make for an affordable investment for your home doors, for real estate investors and owners of vacation homes, and landlords of apartment complexes. There are reinforcements for exterior and interior doors, for sliding doors and double doors, and even for mobile home doors.


Door Armor MAX Plus Combo Set

So how do the reinforcements from Armor Concepts work? The Door Armor MAX Plus Combo Set help to illustrate the advantages offered, as it’s considered as the ultimate in door reinforcement. This protects against kicking in, against attacks on the hinges, and against prying.

The entire set from Door Armor includes a jamb shield, 2 mini-door shields. 2 hinge shields, and a pry shield.

  • It’s available in satin nickel, aged bronze, and white. You should get the color that best suits your door, so that potential intruders won’t realize that your door is reinforced with these shields.
  • The heat-sealed powder coating process makes sure that the good looks of the components endure for years to come.
  • These are made from galvanized steel, which makes it more resistant to rusting.
  • The jamb shield measures 46 inches long and it is attached to the lock side of the door jamb. It is cut with knock-out holes that fit locks spaced 4.5 inches to 21.5 inches apart. The jamb shield requires very little DIY skill for installation.
  • The hinge shields are literal shields for the hinges. These are basically L-shaped metal pieces that cover the existing hinges. You just have to put them over the hinges, and you don’t need to remove the door first to install them.
  • Then you have the mini door shields. You may have seen in the movies how people can kick in the middle parts of a door. These mini door shields cover that middle part of the door so that it won’t split when someone kicks the door. These shields need only 5 minutes for installation and you don’t have to change or first remove the locks.

These are so powerful that plenty of police officers recommend them. The combo set reinforces all the weak points of your doors, so that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to kick the doors in. In fact, having these products work together has demonstrated that it can even withstand a battering ram in lab testing and police tests.

The design from Door Armor is patented and it focuses on the 3 weakest points of doors to make the door stronger. This can be used on any door, even on one that’s been previously kicked in. The installation needs only about 30 minutes in total.

Once you install the components on your Door Armor Combo Set, you then enjoy the lifetime warranty. This guarantee doesn’t just replace the combo components if they get damaged when someone kicks the door in. It also pays $500 towards your homeowner’s insurance deductible.

Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt

This only costs $34, yet it makes your sliding doors a lot more secure. It helps to prevent burglars from lifting the sliding glass doors out of their tracks. It’s certainly an improvement over putting a broom stick on the track. With this deadbolt, you prevent prying and you also have a nice child safety lock.

It only takes a few minutes to install, and it works on any size of sliding glass door.

Mobile Home Doors Fix-A-Jamb

Manufactured home door frames are 1⅜ inches thick, and standard Armor Concept Jambs won’t fit into these. But these Mobile versions will, and it’s the easiest way to reinforce or repair a damaged jamb. The installation for this only takes 15 minutes.


So why pick these types of door protection from Armor Concepts?

  • Perhaps the most notable reason is that it works. It’s been tested by independent laboratories and police departments. These reinforcements really are that tough, which makes your door more effective in keeping the bad guys out.
  • Armor Concepts is also so sure that it works that it offers more than a lifetime warranty for the products. So these things aren’t just replaced if they fail to keep intruders from kicking in your door. You even get $500 for your insurance deductible when you report the break-in to your insurance company.
  • The lifetime warranty also assures you that it won’t fail due to rusting. That’s because it’s made from galvanized steel with a protective coating.
  • It’s very easy to install as well. Go to the Armor Concepts website, and you’ll find a demonstration installation video that was actually made by a real customer. It starts from the unboxing of the product all the way to the complete installation. The MAX combo set in total only takes 30 minutes, and all you need is a drill/
  • You have various products for exterior and interior doors. Some are made for mobile home doors, while others are designed specifically for sliding doors and double doors.
  • These look nice, in the sense that they’re barely visible. This means your door looks like it’s supposed to be, as the reinforcements don’t mess with the aesthetics of the door. With 3 finishes to choose from, you should have one option among them that best fits the look of your door.
  • These are great if you own a vacation home, or you’ve bought some property that you intend to sell later on. Vandalism is a problem when you have property that you don’t usually live in. With these protections, you can make sure that intruders don’t come through the door of your property. Even HUD, Wells Fargo, and US Bank consider Armor Concepts purchases as reimbursable expenses. Fannie Mae even requires their use.
  • These things are very affordable. Even the MAX Plus combo set costs less than a hundred dollars. That’s certainly more affordable than many other home security options. You can also use these to supplement your window sensors, video doorbells, and security cameras.
  • If you’re a landlord, the use of Armor Concepts reinforcements can do a lot of good for your business. After all, safety is probably the most common reason why some people immediately move away from an apartment complex. A single break-in on your property can lead up to 4 families moving away in fear. Then you have to spend an average of $4,000 to turn a vacant unit.


These do come with some drawbacks:

  • These products are obviously a fine layer of defense for your home, but they’re not enough. You still need window sensors and video cameras, and you can’t get them from Armor Concepts.
  • You also have no way of knowing if an intruder is trying to kick in the door if you’re not at home. There are no alerts sent to your smartphone.
  • While most people will find the installation easy, that’s not true for everyone. Some people have zero DIY skills. Others may not even own a drill to install these things. So if you’re one of these people, you may have to look for a handyman to do this for you. Armor Concepts don’t send in professional installers.


Whether or not you want to get a complete home security system with video cameras and door sensors, the products from Armor Concepts are truly great buys. Each one is worth every penny. Blunt force has always been a favorite technique of would-be intruders, and these reinforcements make sure that your door keeps them out.

Just make sure you have the skills to install them, or you have someone who can do it for you. Once that’s done, your door will be much more secure.