Are you one of those people who somehow miss just pressing a switch on the wall to turn on the lights? Then you’re not alone, but then with so many home automation systems you miss out on a lot of advanced features. Often you need to use a voice assistant or your smartphone app to set a certain mood. But now there’s the Logitech Pop Smart Home Switch, and you get a button to press to get that same effect.

It’s not a joke. The Pop Home Switch really does look like a single button. But you can get the starter pack with 2 switches and a smart bridge, and you can really get going with your lights and smart home automation system.

The problem for some people is that often it’s tedious to have to fumble for their smartphone when it’s clear that they only have a couple of favorite settings for their lights and other smart devices. Now they have this Pop Home Switch that provides 3 recipes or settings for each switch.


How Does It Work?

It works very simply, actually, as you can press a button and you get your favorite smart home setting. As each switch has 3 settings (or “recipes”) saved, you can pick a different one depending on whether you press once, twice, or press for an extended period.

The starter pack gives you a plug-in smart bridge and 2 buttons. The buttons connect through Bluetooth to the bridge. The smart bridge connects to your Wi-Fi router, when then basically connect your buttons to the rest of your smart devices.

This configuration is actually unique, as the other competing smart buttons don’t anchor themselves to the smart hubs. Instead, they connect through Bluetooth to smartphones that then connect to the Wi-Fi. But since they connect through only a single smartphone, if that person is out then the other home residents are out of luck.

The Logitech system is much more amenable to multiple users.

Which Smart Devices Work with the Pop Home Switch?

The complete list of smart devices that work with the Pop isn’t really all that long.

  • The platforms include Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, IFTTT, Belkin WeMo, and Lutron.
  • It works with various Logitech Harmony remotes.
  • It works with Lutron and Hunter-Douglas blinds.
  • It’s compatible with August locks.
  • For lights, it works with Insteon, Lifx, and Philips Hue.
  • It works with Sonos too.

Now this may seem like a short list, but then its compatibility with IFTTT truly enhances the versatility of the Pop Home Switch. With IFTTT, you’re not only able to control smart home devices but you can toggle any service or gadget that works with the OFTTT platform. These include even more smart home gadgets, along with communication apps and cloud storage services.

The Setup

To set this up properly, you need to download the app for either the iPhone or Android smartphone (or tablet). You’ll need at least iOS 9, or Android 4.4.

Once plugged in the bridge, and you’ve installed and opened the app, you can then find your smart devices. You can also cloud authorize August, Lutron, and Harmony.
Programming is through simple drag and drop, with various options for each device you pick to use for each recipe.

As for the Pop home switch itself, you can just stick it to a wall as it has a double-sticky stuff at the back. It’s removable and reusable, so it’s not locked to a single location. It doesn’t even need to be near an electrical socket, as it uses batteries.

Working with Sonos

When you’re not able to use your smartphone, the buttons also work to help you access your favorite Sonos settings. This means with a press of a button, you can get your favorite stations, playlists, and even preferred music volume.

So let’s say you have a switch dedicated to Sonos. A single short press gets you NPR, which is great in the morning. Press twice and you get Spotify Top Hits. A long press and this time it’s Apple music.

Scenes with Logitech Harmony

It’s with Logitech Harmony that you can really maximize your Pop switch. This integration allows to easily set “scenes” that include your TV. Press the Netflix setting, and then Netflix comes on, your lights dim, Sonos turns off, and your smart window shades close. All you need now is popcorn.

Working with HomeKit Devices

This works with Apple HomeKit, so that means your button can also work with lights, locks, thermostats, and a long list of smart devices. You’re basically limited only by your imagination how you can combine various smart devices to work together with the touch of a button.

Various Possible Scenes

You probably know by now how smart devices can be programmed to work together for different scenes. Other examples include:

  • Reading. You may have your lights dimmed except for by your couch and the audio system plays classical music at your preferred volume. The TV turns off.
  • Party or leisure. Your lights are bright or change colors, and then your music playlist plays party beats.
  • Sleeping. You can dim your lights, set your thermostat, and play your soothing music for an hour before the lights and music shut off automatically.

You get the idea. What the Logitech Pop Smart Home Switch does is make these favorite smart home automation settings set up automatically simply by pressing a single button. It can be a favorite button to push when you do the same things over and over again, like ask for a relaxing environment when you come home. Press another button, and it’s time for Netflix and chill.


Here are some advantages that you get with the Logitech Pop Smart Home Switch starter pack.

  • As it’s a starter pack, you can just add new buttons whenever you want.
  • The buttons look great, actually. It’s a square with a circle inside, and the simplicity of the design works well with your interior design. It’s even white, coral, and teal colors. It’s not that big either, as it measures 2.4 inches along each side and it’s just a third of an inch thick.
  • It also only weighs 1.3 ounces, and the sticky stuff lets you stick it anywhere and it will hold up.
  • Take it off, and you can place it another spot if you want. It doesn’t plug in as it uses batteries.
  • You won’t have to worry about changing batteries too frequently. Each battery can last about 5 years with typical household use.
  • The bridge needs to be plugged in, but there are no messy wires. It just plugs straight into the outlet. The bridge isn’t all that large either, as it has the same dimensions as the buttons except it’s ¾ of an inch thick.
  • Using the app is simple enough, as you drag and drop devices and settings to each press command.
    Using the button is even simpler, as you need to only press the button in one of three different ways.
    This comes with a 1-year warranty.


There are several issues which you need to think about before you buy this starter pack.

  • First of all—and this is the weakness of smart buttons in general—the power of your smart button is dependent on the number of smart devices you have that’s compatible with it. So if you only have a smart light bulb and nothing else, the smart button doesn’t make much sense.
  • The list of compatible devices and platforms is also not that long. So you better make sure that your smart devices at home are compatible with this.
  • This is a bit of an expensive investment. While the price of the smart button itself is reasonable (and comparable to other smart buttons), when you have a starter pack you put in a lot more money because you have to switches and a bridge.
  • The way you can mix and match various devices isn’t easy with IFTTT, even though IFTTT does enhance the range of functions you can do with this. You may find other smart buttons that don’t need IFTTT to order you a burger when you press the button, or to have your read your texts aloud. Yes, you can do all these with IFTTT, but it will take time.


The Logitech Pop Smart Home Switch looks cool, it’s easy to use and install, but it all depends on your devices. Now if your smart devices are all compatible with this, this is no doubt cool. It is seriously cool, in fact.

But then if you don’t have these devices, you really should think twice. It may not be worth it.

Still, it’s fun! You have a single button and your lights, TV, sound system, shades, and even your thermostat all work together to give your desired home environment. It’s perfect when you want a relaxed setting, as it’s more relaxing to just press a button and be done with it. It’s a lot more stressful when you have to use your smartphone to adjust each and every smart device to fit your needs.